Welcome to Alliance Lending

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Alliance Lending Corporation is a premier provider of long-term, fixed rate financing for growing businesses.

  • 90% Loan to Value Financing
  • Below market, Fixed rates
  • No Up Front Packaging Fees

As a non-profit, Certified Development Company (CDC) we are authorized by the U.S. Small Business Administration to partner with private lenders in a co-lending product. Loan proceeds are used to purchase long term, fixed assets; such as real estate and equipment.

Our accelerated loan approval process allows lenders and their customers to fund projects more quickly and more smoothly.

If you think a 504 loan will help your business or client, call our office and we will help you get started today!

Business owners can use the 504 loan structure to bring in as little as 10% equity and still obtain a FIXED rate of interest at historically low levels. NOW is the time to stop paying rent and buy a building, construct a new facility, expand into a 2nd location or purchase long term equipment. Loan fees and soft costs associated with the real estate acquisition can be financed with the loan. If you are a borrower with a project and need help finding a bank; call today and we can discuss who the best lender will be for your situation.

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